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Once Upon A Dream

During these uncertain times birthdays are still a cause for celebration.

As always we want to make it stress free for busy parents to host a memorable party for your child.

That is why we have created these party kits for you to use for virtual birthday parties, virtual playdates, and even virtual baby showers!

Once Upon A Dream

How It Works:

Email us with the theme you're interested in and the number of children attending (Minimum order for 5 children).

We will create a custom party kit for you!

Party Kit includes:

  • Dessert plate and napkin for children
  • Balloons for you to inflate at home
  • Choose
    • a variety of party favors, such as bracelets, whistles, rings or small toys
    • a variety of props for dress up, such as crowns, hats, vests, or gowns

Supplies is limited, please reserve in advance. Online payment is required to reserve.

You will receive email confirmation for contactless pick up at our Vienna or Sterling Location.

After Pick Up From Once Upon A Dream:

Organize items to give to each child, then coordinate a time and or place for your guests to pick up their goodie bag.

*Tip: use your front porch for contactless pick up.

Party Time!

​Schedule a date and time for your Virtual Party or Drive-By Party.

Use any video conference app, such as Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts for Virtual Party.

Ideas and Tips:

  • Pick up cookies or cupcakes from your local grocery store to add to each kids goodie bag, then during the Virtual party they can each enjoy their treat at the same time.
  • Purchase a pack of hot chocolate and provide a single serving to each child in their goodie bag to prepare during the Virtual Party as a special activity. Bonus Tip: add Marshmallows!
  • Have some activities planned for the kids to do during the Virtual party, such as Freeze Dance, Simon Says, sing a long songs, or just color together, etc.

NEW Tea Party Kit

Once Upon A Dream
Once Upon A Dream
Once Upon A Dream
Once Upon A Dream
Once Upon A Dream
Once Upon A Dream

Add some cheer to your little one's day!

Enjoy afternoon tea with friends through a zoom call or give grandma a face time call with our New Tea Party kit you'll be so chic while in your fancy tea hat, parasol, & stylish bag.